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Great lecturers in our driving school

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Any worries?

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Mobile Racks suitable for archives

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Cleaning cart

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Floating floors

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Floating floors

The most common material for floating floors is laminate or solid wood. It is also possible to select materials such as vinyl or cork. Laminate flooring is financially somewhat less demanding, and its acquisition is more common. Wood is a quality and traditional natural material and therefore it is necessary to pay a little extra. Suspiciously inexpensive laminate floating floors are not very high quality. You need to be careful when choosing. Only a quality product will serve you properly, it will have a long Read More +

Mácha Lake

In the footsteps of the torn romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha can walk families with children, school classes and other interested people, who will appeal to the locality of Mácha Lake to spend several interesting days. Weekend and weekly stays provide a recreation area where you can book accommodation in chalets, even with half board. In the vicinity of the property there are also restaurants, a grocery store, a disco. The operator offers the possibility of connecting to the Internet. The surrounding area offers plenty Read More +